The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Funny how you put your Intention onto something--- no plans, no expectations--- and, if your Intention is aligned with your Purpose, everything just unfolds smoothly in its own time and in it's own way and it seems so effortless and organic. Magical, even. This understanding has helped me find Balance in my life. Right now, my career as a professional mezzo-soprano is demanding more of me than my natural attention wants to give it. I'd rather be practicing yoga, than practicing Christmas, cantoring, wedding, church, concert, etc. music, but the money I get is excellent, and it beats getting a "real" job, so I'm so grateful for the opportunities to do something I love and excel at for $$$$. :)  And I know that, after the holidays are over, I will have PLENTY of free time to practice yoga all day, every day for a while (until Holy Week/Spring Concert Season), and I will even pursue yoga teaching jobs and start building upon my health and wellness studio and service during my slow singing months.

I have completed my 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training and am getting my Reiki I certification the first week of December. :) YAY! I am excited to continue learning about yoga and I can't wait to pursue my continuing education credits (30 hours required every 3 years!). Next, I would like to become certified to teach yoga to special populations, especially the elderly. The sequence I am certified to teach and that I personally practice is incredibly challenging (Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga), so I am excited to learn and teach something on the opposite end of the spectrum. And, also, I'm inspired by my mom, who has ms :)

I just love always feeling like I'm on the precipice of learning something new or experiencing something new. 

A side note about the Reiki I training... classes are being held at my studio, which is a dream come true... my studio is "open for business"!!  My next goal is to get a regular group yoga class going at my studio on a once a week basis (at first!). 

Right now, I'm grateful to be practicing gorgeously lush music. Lots of music to learn in the next couple of weeks, but there's plenty of free time and lots of $$$ on the other end of it :)))) 

And, all the while, getting certified in Reiki, working out at the park with my doggy (there's adult fitness equipment at the park a block from my home/studio), practicing yoga, and enjoying spending time with friends and talented colleagues.

Namaste, Co-creators, wishing all of your wildest dreams come true!

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Comment by GOODREAMS on December 4, 2015 at 7:41pm
Great that you can learn new things everyday! I also seek new experiences every week and life is more interesting that way!
Comment by Burcie Martin on November 23, 2015 at 9:32pm
You have been truly blessed ... I like when you say so you don't have to he a "real job" because you have found your passions (yoga and even music) which brings you so much joy and balance into your life.

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