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I've been so irritable today.  And when I feel irritable I get grumpy because I feel irritable.  I try to figure out why I'm irritable and beat myself up thinking I must have done something wrong or ate something I shouldn't have or worked out too hard or blah blah blah.  At least I was aware of that today and did some affirmations to try and shift this thinking.  I also tried to just accept it as part of my day and be open to any lessons.  I did some volunteer work this afternoon and that helped.  But even my yoga practice made me annoyed today which is odd.  Ah well.  There is a poem I always think of when I have days like this and I keep meaning to track it down.  Something about welcoming each new emotion and feeling because they may be clearing you for something new.  :)   I did finish my big poster size vision board today so that's exciting.  I made one specific to health and fitness and glued my other little one from last month on there.  Bring it on! 

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Comment by Megan on June 30, 2011 at 9:29pm
Thanks ladies.  I had been doing some posters for a kids camp this summer and decided to put the extra poster board to good use!
Comment by Tashy on June 30, 2011 at 6:49pm

What a nice vision board! I especially love your affirmations. I memorized a few of them! Thanks!

I hope you're in a better mood ;)


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