The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Open your heart, and there you will discover the gift of service. It waits to be noticed and used in support of the betterment of all people and all of life. It is expressed in both big and small ways. It makes no difference. In the eyes of heaven, all service is a welcome expression of love. Call upon the gift of service in friends and neighbors in doing your part to make the community stronger, better, safer, and more friendly. Call upon the gift of service to bring support and assistance to those with whom you work, making the workplace more grounded, calm, and uplifting. Extend the gift of service to family, caring for children, assisting the elderly, and entertaining and talking with teenagers. 

When possible, assist in the schools. Coach. Be available for after-school programs. Volunteer for fund-raisers and tutoring. Offer your gift of service to those who need transportation, and extra hand, a cup of sugar. Offer to serve before being asked. The gift of service makes you available to be asked for help without fear. To serve is to treat others with respect, love, and support in their hour of vulnerability and to do so with gratitude and pleasure. Find the gift of service in your heart. Use it in service to your personal Spirit.Grace, Guidance, and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way by S...

Each day I am reminded to take a moment and be compassionate. To put myself in someone else's shoes and see what they see. I definitely can feel the different energy surrounding me and the house. Working to keep the peace, but also make it into a home. Things will turn around once it gets nice out. I'm working on setting boundaries and declaring them to others and respecting their's in return. Showing support to others and believing in them and who they are. I'm learning to get out of my ego and focus on filling up my cup so I can show up for others. 

Doing an ab and squat challenge!!! 50 squats and 10 sit-ups done! Tomorrow I'm going 55 squats and 15 sit-ups! I've been slacking in exercising daily and I think its time to pick it up a level and get toning my body as I want it to be! I'm learning to take my time and see what works for me. Hubby is slowly getting on the healthy train. lol He's been more into buying things that will benefit our health. :)  This has taught me to allow people to grow at their own pace. 

Business is going great! Opportunities are opening up for me everywhere I go and I'm loving it. Manifest money and more business contracts. Learning from past mistakes and applying them to help build my business and be successful. 

Journaling more often then not. Writing is essential for me to get out of my brain and have it on paper to organize and figure out what's important. Changing all my problems to a positive has helped me stay in the moment and focus on the solution. Knowing its my choice and I have the power to change my thoughts, actions, and emotions! Meditation before and after bed keeps me sane! With all the different energy vibes and personalities, its hard for me to just have a moment of silence and stillness. Depending on when I go to bed or wake up, I will spend no less than 15 minutes meditating in bed. The moment I get out of bed for the day the kids will start their day even if I want 15 minutes extra, they will automatically assume its time to get up. A silent prayer for each morning and night after I'm done with meditation allows me to focus on love and positive energy. How I start my day determines what type of day its going to be like. 

The house is coming along, even though the family staying with us can be a little crazy. Leon and I are starting to plan what furniture and designs we want for each room for our new house. We are planning on moving at the end of this lease. Making dreams become reality! It's possible! :) Hubby got certified as a Supervisor! YAY! We purchased a new car and our relationship is getting a lot stronger. 


By the power of the Universe, Source of all Life, I invoke the angel guardians of heaven to activate in me the gift of service. I invite my friends and helpers in Spirit to help me use my gift of service this day to bring relief, assistance, care, and a kind energy to the world. I call upon my Spirit to set aside my ego and serve my fellow humans with courtesy, gratitude  enthusiasm, and respect. Let me be an earth angel and walk today in service to you, my great Creator  and spread your love and healing wherever I go. Open my eyes to see beyond my own needs and recognize where I can render service to another. Open my ears to hear beyond my own mental chatter where my service is needed, and then guided me to help. I ask to be used in service to your holy plan this day and I gratefully await your direction. 

Peace & Love 



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