The 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 7 SEASON 3 - A powerful evening routine - Reviewing the days POSITIVE ASPECTS!!

Along with my morning routine, I am also creating an empowering and positive evening routine.

My evening routine involves reviewing my day, all the things that happened and all the things I did, and then recording ALL THE POSITIVE ASPECTS I can think of from the day. It is about recognising that there have been both positives and negatives in my day, but it is about removing my attention from all the negative things and giving all of my attention to the positive things. I have a section in my journal for each day called "POSITIVE ASPECTS FROM TODAY" and this is where I write it.

The Law of Attraction brings us what we give our attention, energy and focus too, so if give all my attention,energy and focus to the positive things in my life, then I will get more of them!!!

So, here is an example...

This afternoon, I reviewed my food diary for the day. At the moment, I am recording all the things I eat through the day. Some of the things I am happy with and proud of and some of the things I feel a bit guilty about. My OLD way of thinking would be to not give myself any praise whatsoever for all the good things I ate, but instead sit there and go over and over in my head about all of the bad things I ate.

So, instead.... what I do is
1) Go through my food diary and highlight (with a highlighter or underline with a pen) all the things that I ate that I was happy about. So I am therefore giving them attention and making them stand out
2) Add these things to my "POSITIVE ASPECTS FROM TODAY" list
3) Remove my attention from the things that I do not feel good about eating and not even give them another thought...I basically just ignore them!!! I mean, what is the point of giving all your thought energy to things you do not want, right???

So, here is another example.

Today, I requested from a company for them to send me a copy of a position description for a job they were advertising. When I got the description, I was initially a bit disappointed because although the job sounded great, there were a few things about the it that made me feel like it was actually not quite right for me and I decided to not apply.

My OLD way of thinking would be to spend most of my time thinking about all the things that were wrong about the job, and go over old stories in my head saying things like "It is really hard for me to find a job I like" or "I never seem to be able to find a job that is right for me" or "finding the right job is going to take ages"

But instead, I decided to go through the position description and highlight all the POSITIVE ASPECTS of the job. I decided to look through and find all the things that were GREAT about the job and THAT MATCHED WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. So, I used my highlighter to do that.

When I did this, I realised that there was actually ALOT about the job that was great and that I loved. Not only that but many of the things on the job description, were things that I had actually written down on my list things I wanted in Dream Job!!!! I realised that I had attracted a job that was actually a very close match to my dream job!!!!!

So, I celebrated all the THINGS THAT MATCHED WHAT I WANTED rather then focusing on all the things that didnt match what I wanted!!!! Then, I added this to my "POSITIVE ASPECTS FROM TODAY" list

I have never realised the power of NOTICING THE POSITIVE ASPECTS until I actually started using it. I really really recommend this tool! It makes a huge difference. It completely shifts your energy and vibration and also means you are giving off a vibration that says "YES I am creating what I want...Here is the PROOF!!!"

I would love to hear your experiences with recording positive aspects! How do you notice and record your positive aspects????????

Love and Light to you all xxxxxxxx

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Comment by Aeroney on December 7, 2009 at 6:54am
Wow Connie thats really awesum. Something I am going to put into practice as of today. The positives only, i tend to put everything in and after reading back on a few of my journal entries I seemed to write more about the negative stuff than the positive.
Cant wait to see this goes for you through the season.
Great tool!

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