The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wonderful miracles occur when you sit back and do NOTHING!

On Day 1 of this Season, I set my Intention to manifest a successful career as a yoga instructor (while maintaining my singing career). To that end, I set a goal of creating a resume and sending it out to area health clubs.


I created a resume, but when it came to sending it out to health clubs, I froze. For some reason, although it seemed like the next logical step, my heart was telling me I wasn't ready. While a huge part of me acknowledges that this is fear, another huge part of me decided to have compassion for myself and to give myself permission to feel this fear and to allow myself to feel "frozen" in this fear. Something just didn't feel right and I was going to live in this space for a while with no pressure to do anything.  Besides, whenever I have forced an outcome or goal ("well, I SAID I was going to do A, B, and C by such and such date, so I WILL, come hell or high water"), the Universe has given me a clear message that I was NOT in the Flow.

So this morning I got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to grab coffee and, when I met her, I discovered that her agenda was to ask me if I would be into giving her and her gay husband free hour yoga classes 2x a week. I was IMMEDIATELY intrigued, grateful, excited, inspired... all the good feelings!

THIS! THIS is the NEXT STEP! :) And I KNOW that to be 100% true because I feel like I'm back in the Flow. No more living in a space of fear and uncertainty. I am so excited and inspired to Live My Purpose. And the fact that I am THIS EXCITED AND INSPIRED to teach yoga for FREE is further proof to me that I am on the Right Path. Because if you are not passionate about something enough to do it for absolutely FREE, then you will never find true success. 

And this is further proof to me that I don't have to "do" anything. I will just keep receiving every opportunity that the Universe has to offer me and it will lead me to success! I ALREADY feel successful because I know that I will be given the opportunity to share my passion and my purpose with my dear friend. And for that I am very grateful!

Namaste and thanks for reading, my juicy co-creators! May you receive all that the Universe has to offer you!

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