The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 7 - Season 9 Moving forward, Am I prepared to be an entrepreneur?

Hello there!!

I'm excited to continue with my entrepreneurship dream, as my walk on this journey continues, I realize how important is sorround yourself of positive and empowered people.

I decided that I wanted to connect myself and my spirituality more than ever so I started to look for a coaching program on line, and finding one, I asked advice to the trainer and I was a bit surprised with the response:

I have plenty of ideas to start working on, and my personal coach empowers me to go ahead and do it, and I feel 100% ready to do it now.  But when I heard to the trainer of this program I was a bit dissapointed: he said, you are an student, you can't talk about a business yet, since you need to learn the process to be a coach and start thinking then in the business.

I realized that when looking for advice, we need to be careful to protect ourself of external projections on us, I certainly acklowledge that the process of starting up a business could be challenging and could take time. However I realized that if someone is telling me that, being a trainer of a coaching program, then definitely I was looking in the wrong place.

I love the idea to start with my biz and go with the flow.  My coach is doing a great job empowering me to do my best, and today, I drafted my first program to sell in my company..

The best of all, I'm waiting for my trade name to be up and running to continue the process of opening amy biz!

Oh, and as per studies, I'm ready, I studied coaching before and now I'm planning to go for a Master in Metaphisics, with a study in coaching in wellness at personal and corporate level!

Life is good!!

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