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I'm having a feeling of breakthroughs!!! Could it be the Raw Foods I'm eating?? I am getting a momentum going, finally, only took 70 days (oops) Okay, so I have been busy moving into a new house, new city, new life, so maybe I should be more patient with myself.... But I feel happy knowing that I am on a roll now and Life is supporting me, the Universe is supporting me, my Family is happy and healthy, and I am going to ROCK when I turn 40 in February!! 83 days to go til then... :-)

I am immensely proud of myself for not letting the anxiety of moving (AGAIN) get to me. I've been here nearly 2 months now, so I can safely say I did it!!!! In the past I didn't adjust well to moves and I was a bit worried about it this time. I've had some major episodes of depression/anxiety when we moved around the past few years (usually moved because of my husband's jobs) and I decided that this time I would not accept the anxiety, that I would rise above it, AND I DID!

My belief now is that my feelings (which change all of the dang time, about everything) are just a veil over what is really going on--which is greatness and light and love, etc. I just say "Hello Feelings, nice to see you there" then sort of observe them and they usually dissipate. Learning to Observe them, just let them BE, has helped me sooooo much! Thanks Eckhart Tolle!

I am, however, getting frustrated that the Holidays are coming so quickly, and I'm just not feeling the joy or the energy to deal with them this year. I don't like feeling that I HAVE TO celebrate. I am intending to get it together soon though, and that I will CHOOSE TO celebrate them. My son would like me to get excited about them!

Lately I have broken through the diet/food maze and have decided that Raw Foods are the way to go. For awhile I really resisted the idea though, but read some amazing things about how the Raw Food lifestyle cures all kinds of diseases. So if it cures things like cancers and diabetes, it can cure my chronic, everyday crap, right?? That makes me happy, just knowing that there is an answer there, I don't need to keep looking. I just need to get doing.

And an FYI, I haven't been doing all of my practices, but let me tell you that journalling is the most powerful thing you can do! So do it, NOW. :0)

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Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on November 22, 2008 at 4:52am
I couldn't have it said better than Ariana :) also yes journaling is the best one can do!
Comment by Princess Ariana on November 21, 2008 at 9:10pm
Wow!! I am so freakin' proud of you!! You really have an amazing point!

Instead of allowing your feelings to become your 'puppet master' and allowing it to shift your entire perspective and experience altogether, you just acknowledge them.. and allow them to pass. Leaving you room to understand yourself better and continue to grow! .. wow..

And you know what else?! I absolutely LOVE to see someone beautifully blossoming and feeling proud of their age! Such a rare but delightful treat, you make the experience exciting and you remind us that, like everything else in life, blossoming into a new age is just another journey in your book to write! :D

Thank you thank you thank you for existing ! It's very appealing to meet confident people who are sure of themselves. ^^

As for the holiday feeling... hmm... perhaps you need a little more introspecting on that one.. ;) Don't feel too pressured with all the rucus going about.. just take some time to slow down and feeeeell, for yourself... by choice.. though, I feel I am meddling in something a bit too personal to get involved.. so I'll make this short...

The results are astounding when you 'don't stop dreaming!'


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