The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, there has been a lot going on this season. I can't say that I enjoyed all of the experiences, they were harsh but I am still pretty sure that I need them to help me develop into the person that I need to be and to transition into better things in this thing called life. Its a lot that I've been through these past couple of weeks and while I won't get to much into it, lets say I saw some true colors, I've seen them before but chose to ignore or believe they weren't there, but I was confronted in such a way that I could no longer deny nor ignore them and when things and problems were addressed it resulted in a lot of physical violence, pain and hurt against myself. I'm still dealing with this, its hard. For a while I shut down, felt like there is no where I can go or call home, because when this happens in your "home" where do you go? This experience has taught that I need to be more independent, or rather not depend on anyone. Its really pushing me to go out there and live life because all my life I've worried about others so much, I forget about myself. I'm young, I only live on life here on earth and I'm going LIVE and make myself happy. That's all I can do. People are gonna live how they see fit, even though it may not be "right", they have to deal with the consequences and you can't always "save" or "change" them. They learn on there own. Just live and make myself happy because everything is gonna work out for me. God has really been sending me messages about changing myself. Its in my control and power to change myself and my life. So that's what I'm going to do. God's got me, so everything is going to work out. This life is a gift given to me, meaning I do what I want with it, I have control of it, and still need to treat it like the gift it is. God will carry me, Amen,

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