The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Can't believe it has only been 4 days since I last posted, feels like weeks!!!

Went to post a video yesterday but once again Youtube failed on me not once but twice, both times after around 6 minutes of recording.

I took this as a sign and promptly gave up!!

It has been a tough few days really but despite feeling a bit drained I feel more like my old self again today.

Stepping back from my relationship with Chris was much harder than I anticipated and I had a couple of days where I felt very flat and sad.

Today I am reconciled with the way things are and can now firmly and honestly say what will be will be from here on in. We are pretty much perfect for each other but the timing is rotten and there is nothing that can be done about it so I'm handing it over to a higher power, putting it to the back of my mind and focusing my attention on the things that are within my control.

I have worked far too hard for far too long on my business and things are really peaking for me right now. I am not about to let all of that work unravel over a relationship, it just isn't going to happen. 

Today was interesting. I have another online business that I ran successfully about a year ago but lost the energy for it. It is something I was so passionate about and am finding myself passionate about again but also acknowledge I don't have the time to run myself. My business partner has completed the fitness program from and it is love with it also. Today we spoke and she is willing to get it firing again. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to see it in full operation again in the very near future.

I'm almost sick of saying the book (and it's website) is almost done but that is still where it is at. Really shouldn't be too far away now!

Monday night my new beginner program kicked off at PUSH (my taekwondo school) and it is a great group of ladies. The energy was amazing and it is going to be a fun 4 weeks. Things are going really well there too.

Tomorrow I have a GSD (get shit done) day with my business group and I can't wait to spend a few hours with them all soaking in their brilliance. I also have another day and evening with them all on Saturday, good timing for me too.

Lastly I have picked up 2 coaching clients over the last week. I hadn't planned on coaching again till the end of the year but when I was approached I had to say yes and I am so glad I did. I forgot how much I love it.

I have had a lot of coaching over the years and it never, ever really hit the mark and I got stuck in planning and perfecting but not actually ever really moving forward. I have created a coaching program based on what I wanted but could never find. This is a coaching model that is completely outcome based, we set a goal and the goalposts don't shift, once the goal is set it is a done deal, no wiggle room. Things may evolve along the way but the only alternative outcome is reaching a bigger or better goal than the one set.  I love the direction this is going and cannot wait to fully launch my coaching later in the year.

That's about it for today I think I'm typed out!

I hope everyone else is doing well.

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