The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The life I already have:

. I love and accept myself as I am.

. Everything is going in the right direction.

. From now on, all that happens is helping me to get better and elevate me.

. The old model no longer suits me.

. If you hold yoursef onto the old model, you will suffer.

. Today I focus on what I like and want.

Word to reflect on: ADMINISTRATE / MANAGE


          I know that it will be alright, because God doesn't abandon me, he is with me NOW. Always has been, always will be. The "monitoring chip" is my soul or divine being which elevates my thoughts, feelings, words, acts and this great supreme creating energy, which I call God, that makes everything function and moves all the gears, and I am this little energy all creating which is also perfect and has everything in itself to triumph and evolve.

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