The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 76: Geez I'm almost to day 80?!?!

Seriously I'm the worst at this. Ever since I got two jobs my life feels like it's going zooming by. Well in retrospect it feels like it's zooming by. but when I'm truely in the moment enjoying the joy and wonder that surrounds me it feels like time slows. it's only in retrospect that the days seem to fly by.

Anyways I haven't posted in a while and for that I'm truly sorry. I feel bad my first season is almost over and I haven't really been keeping track of it!!! with basically only 23 days left to manifest what I want I need to get a move on! It's like I manifested one thing and procrastinated the rest!

I did however finish the Eckhart Tolle book A New Earth. I have to say that book is in some chapters a chore to get through and in others the most intense fast read ever! I think the hardest chapters are the ones where you think this doesn't apply until it happens to you. Then you kick yourself for ever thinking what he mentioned or said was pointless. THen there are other points in the book where you're like "I've done that or been that person!" And for me that's when it became a fast read. I'll be posting more soon... Just I probably should go to bed since I do have work in the morning... Not that I don't work every day of the week now with two jobs but still. Sleep is kind of needed. Most days :P

Happy manifesting everyone! Hope all your dreams and goals are coming true!

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Comment by Natalie on July 13, 2010 at 11:49pm
Thanks guys for all the supportive comments. And for all the prayers and happy thoughts of energy!!!
Comment by Love Life on July 11, 2010 at 11:09pm
Hi Natalie, glad you dropped into give us an update. I agree with everything the beautiful ladies have said below. I see the changes in you of being more positive, and that alone is already something amazing along with the big manifestation of the new job. Plus you have read some great books which have helped you too. So I think you have done a lot with CCOR.....and you are AMAZING!!

Sending you lots of blessings, love, joy, peace, and EXTRA ENERGY to get through your workload.

Have a wonderful week ahead too :)
Comment by Lori on July 11, 2010 at 12:23pm
I didn't really complete all of my goals...I made some progress, but I don't think that's what this is all about. You manifested a huge goal this season. Just focus on that! : ) The other ones can roll into next season.
Comment by Kelly Martin on July 11, 2010 at 6:10am
Hi Nat, great to see you :-)
With the 100 day creeping up on me and you I thought the same thing around a week ago and panicked put a pressure on myself to have accomplished things BUT I realise there is no time limit when it comes to my intentions and I will simply roll into the next season its all unfolding as it should. Sending you heaps of love xxxxxx
Comment by Teresa on July 11, 2010 at 3:31am
I've heard so much about that book and I was contemplating buying it...I just started back on here and its my fourth day back so I'm trying to make it a habit to blog. That way when I get back to school and I have a job at the same time it will be something I automatically do. I bet if you really analyze your life since starting your season you will realize you have manifested a lot that you probably havent noticed yet. I'm sending you positive energy! =)

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