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It has been a long time without posting, and during this time good things happened to me as well as someones not so good.
I manifested a course on raw food from a cheff who works in a very prestigous hospital spa. This course helped me to learn many good things about raw food and health overall. then last week I took a course on EFT (emotional freedom techniques) which I was looking after . Both courses will help me a lot and feel happy and fortunate to had the opportunity to take them, even tough it was a little difficult because I didnt have a person to look after my niece, but in the right time, the right people showed and I went to my courses without problem.
the not soo good stuf started coming since the weekend and Im asking why??? why Im attracting them? I got a call from a person who was trying to comit suicide.. not exactly her, but from the person who found her.. she was the teacher of my niece last year and havent seen her since that time.. I was the first name appearing in her cell phone.. I asked another person for help to take her to the hospital while I searched for her family to be with her.. she is recovering now but left me thinking about her depression and her call for help..
and then today I received the pay of a big sale I made and paid in advance.. and my boss decided that since I have not too many clients I will receive the payment divided on parts during this year, since I will be working for the client during the year. this left me astonished me and my fellow workers because this is the first time ever this happens...

My client trusts me to pay me in advance and my boss not?? I dont have to many clients but actually I have almost reached my annual quote in 3 months and its not enough???
at first I was very angry at him but decided to calm down and evaluate the situation .. I made a practice of EFT to release my negativity towards my boss and felt much better.. but now Im asking.. why Im attracting these things?'

I want to manifest a perfectly aligned mind and soul with the universe and work in improving my relationship with my boss and developing a bigger agenda of clients.. about the girl who attemped to commit suicide Im looking for an anwser. ..

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