The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 77 Season 17 - Manifesting & Refining

Hey Co-Creators! 

I have been trying to figure out what it is that I truly want.. And in the process I have refined my goals and action plans for not just right now, but what could shape the future... 

I manifested to pay off my past due rent!!! With hubby having surgery in July made us scramble for money to pay bills that were way past due and on Friday I officially gave our landlord the last payment to what we owed her since May!!! Thanks to online marketing, It felt good to finally put that payment in her hand. The past 3 months I managed to make money for the next month's rent with extra cash to give to the landlord to pay down our balance... This manifestation to pay our bills up to date and to even have extra income was on the top of my list. This journey that I've been on for 5 yrs with being homeless and our finances probably dealing with a past karma was important to me... I'm so happy! :) 

I've decided to stay focus on the main thing that will bring me more exposure and that's the blog. I've been doing a lot of online courses to learn how to build my business online. Funny because I always had my blog just never knew how to make it work with my online marketing, but I'm going to make it work. I don't want my blog to be just about reviews and giveaway and I realized that I have to put more effort into it... I jumped back into Flylady and found an action plan that is effective and has worked for me this past week. Seems easier to do multiple posts in one day and schedule them out... I noticed my productivity time has went up and last month's income just from the blog was spectacular that I couldn't stop doing what was working. 

With the small things going on... The girls' father was in the hospital in the beginning of the month for overdosing. Even though we are not together just knowing the girls' father almost lost his life scares me b/c I don't want my girls to not get to know their real father, but it also made me extremely grateful to have Leon in my life who claims the girls as his own because they will always have him there if they need him. Leon and I have came to an agreement that he can decorate the boys room and maybe our bedroom and the attic... We decided to make the attic the play and workout room. He wants to get weights and I've been eyeballing a treadmill for years, he wants to workout together! We've been going back and forth about decorating for years and finally I got my way because he just has no decorating skills. I gave him the boy's room because I know nothing about boys... lol 

I have dropped the nasty foods and thinking about doing detox. I think a detox is what my body needs because I still feel sluggish and tired most of the time. I need to remove any toxins... Any suggestions? No juicer, blender, or any small appliances to do a detox... Using the old fashion way... Probably going to do the Master Cleanse detox Starting January 1st for the next year, but then again I was thinking about joining my sis in law on a 5k run on New Years too... Been doing exercises in the house because we've been having some serious snow this past week... I am not a fan of snow... If I could I would prefer to move to somewhere where its ALWAYS HOT! 

Happy Manifesting! 

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