The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 78 Season 18 Energies,thoughts and removal/going forward

dear cocreators, hope you are doing well? I am happy and working, have a lot going on.

I have become very picky when it comes to all sorts of things; food, who to socialize with, which you tube videos to watch and its for the best. Things that I used to do, I dont anymore. I have blocked three people so that they cant call me. It was usually the same thing; problems and me being a trash-can. It made me tired and now that I have so much work to do I simply dont have space anymore for them in my head!
I work out 4-5/week and it feels great; finally got going! I have worked out for one month and its visible, it goes slowly and that is ok since my body and mind needs to get used to all changes, especially emotionally I notice great balancing of thoughts and I also have much more energy.

Being focused on my art is the best medicine.
I do affirmations only once a week now, but! I drink a glass of water everyday on which I have taped a piece of paper with affirmations and it works! :) :)

I will probably tape another piece that says "I live here and now; free from the past"
since i have been bullied a lot in life I am now releasing these memories and its a bit frightful: its like reliving it all over again.
Does anybody know a good technique to release the past? A technique you have tried and it worked for you?

i would like to get some suggestions!

best wishes to everyone!

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