The 100 Day Reality Challenge

When I went to the mailbox I received a packed that I remember signing up for, but don't recall the details of the blogging job. When I checked my archived emails I realized that this blogging job just turned into a business opportunity. The site that posted the job paid for me to join the opportunity and I got my Start up Kit in the mail today. I was shocked and unaware of what I was joining. I just saw an opportunity to make extra cash for the blog and it turn into something even more! I am offering a $10 product credit on All Bundles! Products are natural and organic

This is my last month to get in orders for Scentsy if I miss out then I must wait 3 months to get reinstated. I'm okay if I don't meet my goal. The company is so strict on social media marketing that its difficult for me to do my thing. The information I just learned from a course I took helped me understand how I was not using my blog to my advantage in my businesses. By Dec. 31st I want to manifest over $300 in sales from both companies. If interested please e-mail me at for special discounts. 

I always missed out on an event that was happening on Saturday. :( I don't know what the Universe is doing! lol It can  be scary with new changes coming especially around the New Year. 

Speaking of jobs, I recently just said that I wanted to get more long term blogging jobs and WOOT! I inquired about a product review that turned into a business relationship for 6 months. I just got the contracts today and am looking forward to sharing the experience with the company and products. Universe definitely heard me when I affirmed this and I just continued to put my actions before me and get them done. 

Today is Day 9 of blogging daily for 30 days to improve on my writing and gain more exposure. Still going strong with Flylady and keeping my sink shining and the floors cleaned (technically hubby still does the floors even if I do them). 

What have you manifested today?

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Comment by kelly on December 19, 2013 at 8:56am

positive inspiration on you tube  congrats

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