The 100 Day Reality Challenge

After going through two challenging days, I woke up again in a funk because of the wild and dragging dreams that I keep experiencing...

This last one is just way too much to write did leave me with this really heavy stomach and heart about my boyfriend(again)...

Other than the things that I'm going through with my relationship, I think I'm doing alright...

I have had an AMAZING experience yesterday, which I want to make a vlog about. I was looking for woods, on Google maps, in my area because I felt like I really needed to go into nature and be with trees. It seemed like there was nothing but sugarcane fields surrounding my area. Then I saw, that along the Maliko Gulch there were trees and I searched for something that might look like a public area, to hike and spend some time in. And up popped the Sacred Garden of Maliko. I went and clicked on the website that Google referred me to. And all of a sudden I saw LILOU MACE interviewing Eve Hogan(the owner of the Garden)! I got sooo excited and watched both the tour of the garden and then the interview and after that I packed my stuff grabbed my moped and in less than 15 min I was there! I must have spent 3 hours just looking at the place, walking the labyrinth and reading goddess stories in the little community meditation room and speaking with Kathy(who works for Eve) and her grandson Lucas who is about to turn 6. Kathy told me that Eve is off the island and that she will be back next week. It was such a trip from watching Lilou's videos and then being there myself in less than an hour! They even have an art table there! I'll be going there as much as possible:)

Here's the link to the place:)

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