The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had very little sleep last night, there were car alarms going off, a restless husband, and I had really strange dreams last night. The boys were gone for a long time yesterday and I got so worried I made myself sick. I did get cleaning done, and went to water aerobics, so the day wasn't a total loss. There is a cold front coming in and my feet hurt. I am very whiny today, can ya' tell? I am going to schedule a vacation today, the week before Andrew's birthday. We are going to get him a tent and a lantern for his birthday and then take the 2 of them camping for a few days, (take them and leave them.) I honestly think I will be fine with them being gone, Rick kept saying that after yesterday I will never deal with it, but he's wrong. Yesterday they went to someone's home to mow that they met on the street, and then were gone way longer than it should have taken. Camping is way different. And I will insist they take the cell phone!!!
Today, I am thinking of how to get through the day on a positive note. Today I intend to to remain positive, not dwell on negative things.

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