The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today was a bit of a lazy day. I went out for a bit and I actually had conversations with 2 cashiers where I brought my groceries and I wasn't shy or awkward, I felt good...for some reason...I've been feeling good lately and I'm not sure why...but I'm glad about it. Maybe it's because I've been doing yoga. Ever since I started, things have been looking up. Tomorrow I have an interview, so I'm going to bed early to squeeze in at least 35 mins of yoga before I go. Yeah I felt actually really connected to this one lady I talked to today...I feel like we're from the same place. She's so cute and and I feel like we're here to learn a similar lesson. I'm just so grateful thinking about it actually. It's the greatest gift, because when I was depressed about a month ago I felt like I would  never be able to connect with people ever again. I also had a phone conversation with someone today and she said that she really enjoyed talking to me. To me! I don't think I realize how charismatic I really am, even on the phone :). I'm exited for the interview tomorrow and it will be fun to ponder the possibilities of the job. Even though I'm pretty sure I'm taking a job somewhere else, it's good as an option. 

Thank you for the positive interactions today. Even though I was secretly like "oh shit, I'm going to ruin it any minute", I didn't and I was even likeable. Imagine that. I forget how wonderful I am sometimes. 

See you all tomorrow! 

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