The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Crazy but wonderful day at work!  Totally full on, but days like that fill me with confidence in a job that I've only had a short time.  So it feels good. Am pleasantly tired though!


So I've been listening to "Magnet to money" song, over and over.  I can already feel I've relaxed about money and I know that's absolutely the first step, so that's good.  It goes round my head constantly LOL  Will not be going to sleep to it tonight though, a little abraham meditation feels right for tonight!


As I go to sleep I'm reminded of all the things I'm so grateful for:


My body, it works so well and takes me everywhere I want to go. 

My hands, type like a speed demon, and get so much done in a day!  What amazing hands I have:-)

My legs, carrying me everywhere, never complaining, always moving forward.

Every breath that I take is so easy, my body just takes over and does all the work for me, pumping blood around, making sure all my organs are working correctly etc. it's all good!!!


My car, it's lookin so lovely and clean and runs so well.  Such a pretty little car and so great on fuel!  Love it!

My cats, arrrrh they were so cute tonight!  Moved my room around and they were completely perturbed by it all, hilarious looks on their faces.

My house, it's lovely and feels so cosy and nice.

My mister, which is as I speak humifiying my air with a lovely jasmine scent!

My bed, oh so comfy!

My newly arranged room, looks fab!

My crystal that I found in Dorset, looks brilliant in my room even though it weighed a ton carrying it upstairs from it's original home!

My job, just love it and I'm grateful I feel so confident.

My friends, every one of them awesome!

The prospect of snow, whoo hooooooo!!!!!


Going to end on that cos really there's nothing better than waking up to find it's snowing........arrrrrh, I just love that!!!!!! 


Night all,


Jensine x  



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