The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 8 s3 Im so Upset and dissapointed

Hi my dear co creators!


im sad and upset...yesterday happend something with my bf and i stay in a negative mood. I know i have 2 change, but im sad about it and angry!!!

what can i do?


also i heard today something what a friend of me gets, and I want it makes me also sad...the way how it happend.


I know I have to look to myself, its my choice to change! So ...this helps me..


all things must happen, i have to learn and do something with it!


But if you still have some advice...


I will focus on my great fit slim healthy body

the money I get to do my study and buy the stuff I need for the study
and focus on my new sunglasses, I saw really a nice one! a gucci!! woohooo I want it!

you have see me now, i smile :-)


have a nice sunday!!!



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Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 27, 2011 at 2:20pm
In times likes these, you need to focus more than ever on what you are grateful for, what you want, visualize yourself having what you want, and really try to feel the feeling you would have if you had it. I think it's totally human to feel disappointed from time to time. I think the key is feeling it but really trying to limit it and get back on track with focused thinking as soon as possible. Do something that makes you feel relaxed or happy. That's my 2 cents. Good luck!

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