The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Alright well day started off well, had an easy day at work and will have an easy week!

Do i really even work?

But, soon lets hope after my cruise and wish before hand i can get a transfer to a different place keeping my full time status but working somewhere else other than a factory!!

But will get onto that on another day!

Now after work i decided it would be good to sit down on my couches which are more comfortable than my own up at 6:40pm....5 minutes before my netball game had to start!!

ended up being late for the first time in 2 seasons but funny thing was when i walked on, our team went down hill after being a man down :P

we lost

16-49....a close game!

but i must say i love playing that team for simple checking out rights....a hot guy on the other team....time for my facebook stalking skills to go up a notch as i don't know his mutual friends nor name......a hard one but can be done!! Now facebook stalking is quite simple BUT you must do it without that person suspecting you, now these days people just tend to accept due to mutual friends but if no mutual friends it makes things harder... I will now hand out tips....

Tip 1.

If you see someone and think (damn he/she's alright) then thats where you must i know creepy ish but you need to master the skill....if out enjoying the night life....pretend like you are following the crowd.

So - Stalk in person

NB: DO NOT GET CAUGHT!! or the whole process is ruined.

Tip 2.

While under the stalking stage, look out for who he/she is hanging out with, if you know them and are friends on facebook, you are on a perfect track.

So - Check for mutual friends

*i will get back to the part where if you dont know any of their friends at the end.

Tip 3 - get on facebook go to that persons mutual friends page, now if they have little friends go through the list...but if they have heaps....PHOTOS, now go through wall photos, then albums and just keep going until you see him/her.

if tagged add them and hope on a request.


Now if you dont know any of them, now comes the mission of having to go through you friends friends where you think they might hang out with, this is a long drawn out process but can work

It is something you must commit your time to doing if you really want to have this person as your friend..

and a very handy tip, if you add and they deny, do not re add them straight away as they will never accept you, give it say a month if you remember or lets say, make the effort to bump into them in person and actually get to know them

However this is the power of facebook my friend!!

looks hard to do but anyone can do it, and i am a pro at this.

my record is under 5 minutes to find someone i dont know and be friends with them.

now you will all think of me as some facebook stalking freak lol but trust me, no one off here will be added on my facebook as this is something i do not want part of it....this is more of an exclusive thing for me.

anyway that is my DAY 8 blog.....see you all tomorrow!

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