The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 80 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I find myself unexpectedly free!!

I have a webinar this morning then I was supposed to catch up with my buddy Cam ahead of classes tonight ( Cam is a fellow martial artist) but he has Man Flu and had to cancel so now I have a few spare hours up my sleeve today.

Today is a rest day from training so for the first time in ages on a week day I am dressed like a normal person and not in training gear - feels very decadent!

I'm going to use today to prepare for handing over to my new PA who is coming to work from my home office tomorrow - sooo excited!!

I'm also about to relaunch my business Rip It UP Challenge with the help of my business partner (in another business).

If you could like our FB page I'd very much appreciate it.

I really love this business but was so busy in my others that it had to be shelved for a bit. With Wendy taking care of the daily operations now it is a no-brainer to relaunch.

It seems everything is falling into place exactly the way it is supposed to!

Chris and I seem to have found a balance that is working for us both and I am enjoying the slower pace of my life without all of the running around trying to fit in around his work schedule so we could spend time together.

Today the sun is out, business (across all fronts) is good, the book is now ready to launch - just waiting for my proof copy so I can finalise it, my training is on track, the kids are well and all of the work I have ahead of me is stuff I love to do. Life is good.

I hope you are all kicking goals too!

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Comment by Spinkle on April 24, 2013 at 6:39am

So much win in one day! :)


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