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Good Morning, Cocreators!

It's a beautiful morning, a little chilly and drippy, but the sun is just starting to peak through the clouds! Flowers are all still in bloom, and the orange tree is starting to form tiny, green oranges! It's also my best friend's birthday today :) I'm wondering what to say to her today since I did not send anything. Of course I know a happy birthday is in order, but I'd like to make her laugh a little, lol.

So on a treadmill? Yes, on an energy treadmill. Because of having two friends last week, and then several weeks before, I am nearly exhausted! Lol. I have so much to do, and only so many hours. Adam was also feeling a bit upset that his friend is gone, with no set plans for his return. I, however, am happy to get back to life everyday, and don't want to vacation again until my beach trip in March. :D

I thought this morning I would set a list of intentions so that I can be as productive as possible and prepare for the last two days this week, during which I'll be doing some big cleanings. Here goes:
Clean the house
Write thank you notes
Prepare cleaning supplies, listing those I need to replenish
Call various relatives
Prepare dinner and other meals
And finally, Relax!
Relaxing is something I need to do, without feeling lazy. Monday and Tuesday were rather "off" days, and I had quite a low vibration going out. Today needs to be productive. Today will be the difference between walking an hour on a treadmill, or running 30 minutes on the same treadmill. I feel like I've been walking, sluggishly, for a week and a half. Time to do a little running and jump down for a while.

I've applied to a sales position with Walt Disney World, and believing I will have a "real job" soon. I'm happy to do this in the mean time, because it will help me start my garden project in the long run. The money will be good, and I'm hoping to ask for a part time position. I think I may still clean houses after securing the position, for some extra cash and the excersize. My heart is still pulling me toward starting this garden though, so don't think I've given up! Because I haven't, lol :)

I suppose I will wrap it up for now! Hoping to finish my chore list by noon so that I may relax, read, and look into your lives later today! Until then, Love and Light! <3


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Comment by Gloria Bolton on January 30, 2013 at 3:37pm
Lol! Gardening is not the most thrilling "sport," I suppose :D thank you for your energy <3
Comment by Gloria Bolton on January 30, 2013 at 3:36pm
Lol, I'm glad to hear the sun is shining for you Raizel :) I am eager to focus all of my energy on the garden! I just don't know what to do sometimes :D until then, I'm just following this path as it's being laid out. I'll get the direction I need soon for the garden! <3
Comment by Raizel on January 30, 2013 at 11:47am

Slightly less jealous of your Florida weather today as it's at least sunny here in the UK (for now) :)


Hope you manage to do all you have set out to do today (most importantly the relaxation bit :)) Best of luck with the "real job" - although I have a feeling that the reason why it hasn't happened yet is because you should definitely fully throw yourself into the gardening thing - it's so obvious that is where your heart is! Reading you write about gets me so excited about your ideas (and believe me, I normally don't find gardening very thrilling haha)

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