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Day 80 Season 16 Seasoning Coming to an End

Whoa! What a Season! It's all coming to an end and I have given up on stressing and just allowing the Universe do what its suppose to do. I have found a job , not certain if its full time or part time or how much I'll get paid. & I don't care! I know just the service will give me the abundance I'm looking for. 

In the beginning of the Season, my husband had to get surgery which put us down to little to no income. I strongly believe that the Universe always provides me with what I need and it just so happened that an old childhood friend needed a place to say and moved in with us. He has been paying all our bills (Thank you Universe for this miracle, blessing, awesomeness! Whatever you want to call it). 

Been working like crazy only to hit a wall in my blog. Not going to stress out over it, just more open to ideas and ways to keep my blog generating traffic. Please support me & "Like" me on Facebook

With the unexpected events in July, I have not be pushing myself in Scentsy or any other businesses in order to generate recruits or sales. No one else to blame, I need to learn to say hell no to people and not give up my commissions and always stick to my business budget. 

I am so happy and grateful for my new budgeting system that allows me to pay my bills and invest in myself with classes, training, products and business tools so I can generate an extra income of $5000 within a year with Scentsy and Inspiring Working Moms.

I love my newly decor home! It's gives me a sense of gratitude and happiness as its a reflection of our family's personality in each room and we have all that we need and want. My garden is so beautiful and ready for next season harvesting! 

How's your season going? What lessons or manifestations did you experience?

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Comment by Roos on September 1, 2013 at 11:10am

This is amazing :) 

It is wonderful that this childhoodfriend is helping you out! A true miracle indeed. 

Seems like you have a great season going on right here! I have basically been watching my life transform over the past two weeks and its been nice :) 

Good luck to you. What is your next season gonna be about? 


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