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Yesterday, I went with my sister a few of my favorite stores - located in Northfeild, Mn

One of the stores is called "The Monarch" and The Glass Garden Beads.

I picked up some really cool things at "The Monarch":

* a really neat amethyst crystal (which I am going to make a really neat pendant/necklace with)

* a aventurine gratitude rock (which is a money/lucky stone - got to set free any worries I may have about money issues)

* two pewter blessing peices (one angel one - for my sister inlaw and one I'll be there 4 u always - for my sister)

* Sea Salt - for cleansing my stones

Cool things I picked up at "The Glass Garden Beads"

* Alphabet punches (to emboss in metal)

* Silver tags

* a few glass peices and silver hooks - to make pendants

* Components for make cool beaded fairies (in this pix you will see 2 fairies I just made). I will add silk ribbon and make necklaces out of them and will list them in my Etsy Shoppe very soon:

I am full of happiness with so many great things/opportunities coming my way:-)

xoox Gypsie

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Comment by Gypsie on February 11, 2010 at 6:21pm
Thank you, Zara! I fixed the link;-) Peace, Gypsie xoox
Comment by Zara on February 11, 2010 at 5:42pm
Wow lovely bits you bought! I love the beaded fairies you made. The link to your etsy shop doesn't work.
Its great your full of happiness, I love that feeling:)


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