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Day 81 Season 16 $500 Manifestation - I've learn my lesson

Yes! That's right, I learned my lesson in the department of allowing. I've done it before and held no idea of what to expect, I just keep doing what I needed to do to get myself there. I'm realizing that I tend to forget the powerful process in law of attraction. Daily practice is important. Writing, blogging, or vlogging (the first twice seem to help the best) in expressing my desires and fears. This allows me to be able to go back and fully see what it is that I've done to see my growth. It's VERY important to see the progress and not so much the end results. I love self-reflecting on my birthday with returning to my journal, blogs, and vlogs so see how much I have grown. Same thing with recording your stats on anything your reaching for. Weight loss, savings in money, etc. 

The excitement must have been lost when I started feeling like everything was a chore and not as fun. I also got distracted with the success I got out of it and not why I wanted it from the beginning. Vision boards helps too, but for me it has to be an affirmation that I repeat to myself throughout the day to remind myself the feelings of already having it and gratitude. Do what works for you, there are so many different techniques and exercises that work for me but may not work for you. 

I lost my way when I got out of sync with myself and the Universe. My focus no longer was about stillness, peace, and abundance. It was more about wealth and material things. I finally understood why some people want to just remove their negative thoughts, but I'm seeing that those feelings determine if we are on the right path or not. Those emotions that come from our positive thoughts guide us and show that we are aligned with the Universe.


About the $500... 

A week or two ago, Hubby and I were talking about getting a loan; no interest to pay it back over time so we can pay bills and fix our car. We talked about it and I thought about it, but I just let it go and just said $500 is all we really need in this moment. Today we received it from a different person then who we had in mind. They gave us a $500 check and said, "Use it for your bills and the car." WOOT! :) 

This experience reminded me of my affirmation to be a worked especially with the blog, but not so much with Scentsy. My new affirmation is "I love my home business and the  income it generates."

How is your day going? Tell me what you have manifest throughout your season. :) 

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Comment by Roos on September 2, 2013 at 4:42pm

I think you are totally right and that manifesting should be rather about fulfillment than the focus of material things. 

Congrats on your 500 check!

That is just amazing :) 


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