The 100 Day Reality Challenge

oh how time flies.

another season coming to an end.

I am so grateful for all I have learned

I am so grateful for all I have shared

I am so proud of what i have accomplished

I love myself

I love my life.


My financial situation has improved

I allowed new creative opportunities into my life

I love on my physical self and care for it much more

I have healthier habits 

I have increased focus and consistency

I allow the best things into my life

I release fear and feel at peace and in love with life more often.

Home stretch intentions:

  • Take time each day to give myself some love
  • Be aware of the energy I put out and when I get caught up in the chaos of day 2 day life and get grounded
  •   Get grounded, plug in, find center, align :)
  • Hug trees and then dance with them. 
  • When life is so good that I am manic, take a breath and then 3 more before making decisions impulsively.
  • Remember here and now is where I am and it is good. I can't get it wrong, I always get it right. No need to be so hard on myself. It is a world of infinite possibilities and I am in control. 


I am so grateful for

  • My family
  • My ancestors
  • My non physical guides
  • This season of 100 days
  • Lilou and friends and this community
  • All the mysterious synchronicity
  • Every opportunity I have had to express my creative talents
  • Every opportunity I have had to learn more about love and things that interest me
  • Love and Life and Stuff and Things




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