The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today was chill..first day back to work after an awesome vacation. Working on reading my ayurveda medicine book that I find so cool :)  no yoga today. Instead I decided to sleep early and go to the morning class at 6am…which I have some conflict about…I do believe in the long run it will be better for me thru the whole day you know? Not just at night. I have slept through the alarms before so early, but this time I really really want to go. I have just a few more days really untill my 100 day challenge is up! I just checked I am on day 83. I would like do an awesome rev-up for my last 15 days…and really end on a high note!! ( I am also preping for my next 100 days) I re vamped my “ daily guide” that I have been using lately in the mornings to rattle off mantras about my manifestations..and now I am learning about these pointers from this new book about bringing balance in to your life with ayureveda ( by sahubhra krishan) its practical ideas and light reading  :)  I find the most stressful thing I have in my life are not my relationships, or my job, or myself, or money, but my mind that chatters on and on and on and stresses me out! I am so thankful to see this and know this more and more..this is a challenge going back to work and maintaining the “true slef” feelings  and awareness that I have been blessed to enjoy lately more so with less work…..i pray so so so so much that I can hear the guidance from the universe, to guide my perception, my understanding, my tendencies, to have experinces of harmony and understanding with all parts of myself no matter where I am, that my source always guides from inside. I am grounded. I enjoy yoga so much for this reason

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