The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 84: The current challenge that is my life

So I just realized earlier today that I just finished my 22nd day in a row of work. It now beats my current record of 21 days. I have twelve more to go before I get a day off. I hope I can last that long. but I'm starting to think I should have maybe requested a whole weekend off instead of just a Saturday. Oh well it's done and over with. Moving on...

My friend and I have started brain storming for a project that we want to do involving the web. Not really sure how it'll work but we want to make something light-hearted and funny and currently our ideas are good but not necessarily where I see them staying at the moment. Hopefully a night of sleep will help that out some. I just don't want to seem too limited in doing a subject matter kind of thing. Who knows it might work out great or not. We shall see what happens.

Also I'm thinking of buying one of those flip camcorders so if anyone has one let me know what you think of it since I'm kind of interested in buying it.

How is everyone else's challenges going? Sorry I haven't had the time to comment on everyone's blogs lately... working 7 days a week does that to you!

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Comment by Natalie on July 20, 2010 at 2:51am
I'm not sure how it'll go to be honest... oh I would love to see that video if you have it book marked some where I am still 50/50 on it. but I'm glad your manifesting your heart out!!! that's awesome!!! And thanks for the fairies I'm trying to have a good week... so far it's about 50/50 as well.
Comment by Love Life on July 19, 2010 at 11:50am
Hi Natalie, sounds like this brainstorming web project could become something you'll really love. You should definitely start something.

Strange because I am trying to manifest a Flip Camera/Camcorder!! I saw this video of this girl on You Tube using it, and it seems so good.

I'm having a much harder time with season 2, but I am still manifesting a lot of good things......and am also trying to manifest an amazing apartment with another friend of mine.....hopefully things will go smoothly!!


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