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Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you I'm super nice.... Some times I think a little too nice. I'm almost a door mat somedays and I think I let too many things roll off my back and I don't really speak up about them. And to some degree my boyfriend and I are very similar. But today bless his heart he had some (more then a few) that were really big that he needed to have addressed. So let me back up this story a bit.

I'm on dance team for college aged kids and all of us are friends who like to swing dance. So every year we decide to perform at the two local fairs and basically invite our families and friends to come and watch us. Now last year at both fairs I was only in one song each (different songs mind you). so after a whole year of working really hard I figured I'd be in a lot of numbers. Problem is even though I haven't missed a regular practice (there have been extra ones that I've had to work through but only a few) and yet I come to find out that if I'm lucky I'll be in two songs. That's it. While some who haven't been there as long as me are being in more songs then me. So tonight my boyfriend added my frustrations to his and had the courage to voice these concerns to one of our friends who is our co-captain of the group.

I know nothing is going to change prior to the show since we have two weeks to fix it. But Maybe- Just maybe it'll change in the future. If not I just don't think I'll be with the group all that much longer if that's the case. And to be honest I don't even know what to put out to the universe on this matter. If feels like I have no control to even guide towards a result.

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Comment by AlGee Ol'Bambo on July 20, 2010 at 6:48am
Hi Natalie, two questions for you:
1) Do you love being in this group?
2) If you do, what do you really want out of the group?

My experience is that, sometimes, the issue that chases us out of one situation might follow us to another. Also, whatever it is that we are seeing as not acceptable to us may be a kind of message for us to do some Internal Spring Cleaning on, that is, do some Introspective check on ourself and make changes to the way we, probably, view things. Like Dr Wayne Dyer says in one of his great lectures: "When You Change The Way You Look At Things, Things You Look At Change". In others words, it's all Vibration! We can change the energy around any situation by changing our perception of it and, most of all, allowing the Universe to HANDLE IT ALL!!!!!

So, if I were in your situation, I would try re-PLACING an ORDER to the UNIVERSE and ask for the exact situation I want FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL INVOLVED (that is every person in the group) and you just wait. As long as you stay positive and remain true to yourself, your ORDER will be supplied unfailingly, in due course.

I hope my perspective helps in a way. Please stay positive and keep connecting to the Universe. May good GRACE always put you in better positions that suit your beautiful soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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