The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 87- what happened? The world is changing too....

Dear co-creators.

Inner: Much has happened since the first day of this 100-day journey. First, I see that much has happened on an inner level. I meditate more and promises with others in a meditation / healing group here in addition to a home every Tuesday. So many good and honest people, I am familiar with. Credible and lvoing people who really work on themselves without being selfish and primitive.Thank you for being there.

Art and honesty: When I have focused on attracting people who want me well in my business is has appeared possibilities in a very short time. But my thoughts have been very limited in where help will come from. When I focus on specific and predictable sources like I should learn to see in a larger perspective. The possibilities for exhibitions and resources have this year come from countries outside Norway. And I think there is a meaning to it. My husband has told me this also the last year..It is just to much inside the box- and being sensitive (feel I see to much) I feel I have to move on..and look where people have the same interests for support. 

Goals and limited thinking:There have been two very challenging days for me now. What  I had hoped for was not the way I had set for me. It was hard to realize ...but again I feel a closed down in my limited thinking. I am happy to realize this. In addition, I see here in Norway  how primitive and corrupt parts of society... Every day now comes the revelations of corruption and "friendship" relating to money .. Scary and also good and cleansing. Norway seems to have been there and will help the world and much has been forgotten. Many have "shined" in there own excellence. Many times, I feel a great responsibility to speak up about structures that are not healthy and honest, but it is also difficult. In a way, I will stand up to break patterns. I cut the ties to parts of the community (in my meditations/healing sessions) to create something new and more honest and loving ... I see where I have been deceived in the instinctive and primitive that only maintains the old structures ... I'm open to change, but I feel the pain of leaving the safe patterns also. Here I am and I intend to do things differently ...I do belive the world is changing also…Many people will activate “wisdom” and move from the old world into more honesty and love. When people are able to see behind limited patterns things will really lock different.

The film:It feels like I'm going to show and teach LOA (or spiritual work) in a way that will also make me more visible. I think it would be good for me to be more honest ....

I will for sure make this film about spiritual people and how natural and giving this works in a personal way and this importance for changing the rhythm and how we live. I'm nearly there now ... really not so afraid of what others think about me and what I do anymore, although I have often felt different, lonely and strange, even among friends. Actually the people I am with now is also changing…Do not feel lonely anymore ... I realize that I should convey deeper knowledge on to others without being afraid of my own strength and being too much…

I am strong and connected with the wisdom from Mother earth.

Thank you for the what I have learned from this journey and thank you all for being there :)

Thank you for reading this. Good luck on your journey :)) 

Love, Helene

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