The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Life is wonderful. It's a bit difficult right now, but this semester is the hardest thing I've faced since last June, and will be the hardest thing I face for a long time to come. And even better still, it's almost over! I have four more weeks, then freedom (or close to it). 

I will have a glamorous life, with travel and working doing what I love. I will have many opportunities to dress up and have lovely photos taken of me. I will drink champagne often, find myself on a plane almost more often than not, and be respected in my field and loved and admired by many. 

I am free. 

I am glamorous. 

I am rich. 

I drink champagne often.

I travel often.

I am beautiful.

I have lovely photos taken of me all the time.

I am in love and have no angst or regrets in this area.

I am respected, loved, and admired by many--most of all, by MYSELF.  

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