The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I got my Spanish quiz back and got an A on it! YAY! That was awesome. I also got a few people who expressed interest in Spanish

I attended Dark Nirvana this evening, an event that showcases different varieties of fetish and kink to spice up relationships in the BDSM lifestyles. All events are non-smoking environment and sex free, although people may wear fetish wear such as leather, corsets, or different attire of their choice.

This was an off-color event for me because three of the Doms expressed interest in me - people don't usually do that kind of thing LOL! I had a great time, and I let them down easy as I am looking for a relationship in D/s and not play.

I got 10 more friend requests on the social network after that event and met a lot of cool people. It was really fun.

Much Love,

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