The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Brrrrl it's cold today!!!!!  I keep waking up at around 5.30 which is good as I've listened to three abraham hicks meditations and I'm not even up yet!  What a way to start the day.  Unfortunately I'm still not wanting to get out of bed as it's so chilly, but that's the worst of it.  Wonder if I can work from my bed today??? lol


It's choosing my day time!!!!  Whoop whoop!  I'm noticing that things are going smoother, I'm better equiped to handle things right now.  Definitely makes a difference, meditating, being grateful, visualising and eating better.


Lucy made singapore noodles last night, wow!!! I am such a lucky mummy, she is an amazing chef and they were just scrummy!  So much so I have them in a tub for lunch today annnnnnnnnnnnnd she's making them for dinner tonight LOL So good!


Anyway, choosing........


So today I choose to get up and have a great, warming shower.

I choose to feel good and fun, and light coming out of the shower.

I choose for Lucy to be easy to wake!

I choose a delicious tasting breakfast.

I choose to get ready with ease and time and feel good whilst doing so.

I choose to look amazing today, full of vitality and love.

I choose for the people at work to only bring positive loving things to my attention. 

I choose for the day to be smooth and fun.

I choose my journey to work to be enjoyable and scenic.

I choose for abundance to flow more and more into my life.

I choose for my house to stay lovely, tidy and warm.

I choose for an effective meeting tonight.

I choose SNOW!

I choose for my cats to have a lovely day.

I choose for my body to radiate health.

I choose to feel positive, happy and calm.

I choose to feel confident.

I choose to feel loved.

I choose for this day to be one of the best ever!


Have a great day all,


Jensine x

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Comment by Jensine on January 31, 2012 at 4:13pm

Ahh thank you so much Eva!!!!  It's certainly helping to keep me focused and my day flowing better!!! 

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