The 100 Day Reality Challenge

 Today is day 9. It hasn´t ended yet, but I´m writing here because it helps me a lot. I cant wach my sister-in-law repling to my mother-in-law and dont think a thing about that. She is 27 years old and still rebellious as a teenager! How could her to be like that? Why she cant be thankful for the meal that her mother prepares for her? Why? Sooo imature. she is treated like a princess and doesnt see that. 27 and cant even cook, always afraid with frypan, cant even sweep floor.. Oh! what a girl! .... she is happy and cant see that. ...


 Well, thanks my blog for existing. All those things are what I wont never ever say to her.

  Thank You, Universe, for all good that is coming to me. For wonderful moments with smilings and laughts with my family. Than you for this time to write. Thank you!

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