The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well I'm blogging early tonight as I'm looking forward to getting into my bed real early and reading my kindle for a bit, either way wanting lots of sleep tonight!!!  Lovely!  Love my sleep! 


So I'm finding that setting my intentions, however wooly (yeap, some of them feel quite wooly!!!) is really helping.  Nothing majorily specific but I'm finding my days just work better.  I feel better able to cope with things, stronger, more confident, and my days just whiz by.  I think I need to maybe slow them down a bit, but other than that, it's definitely making my life work better for me. 


So tonight I'm truly grateful for that, grateful that I'm looking after myself and doing the things that make me happier and make my life work.

I'm also grateful for costa, had a delicious gingerbread latte after a meeting in town tonight.  That said I'm grateful for money, I love money, money money truly loves me;-) Thank you money for the ginerbread latte that was just scrummy!!!


I'm grateful for the wonderful children I work with and their amazing parents, I love what I do.

I'm grateful for my gorgeous Lucy loo who is without a doubt the greatest person there ever was.  No question:-)

I'm grateful for my wonderful online friends, you make me feel so supported.

I'm grateful for me, I never give up, I always try my best, I always want the best for myself and those around me, I always strive to be happier,  to make the most of each moment.

I'm grateful for my desk at work, and how organised it is.

I'm grateful for snow, could barely contain my excitement this morning when it was snowing! 

I'm grateful for for always playing the best music.  Am I allowed to put that??? Hope so, it's a great radio.

I'm grateful for yankee candles, they make my house smell amazing.

I'm grateful for my dressing gown, it's so warm and snug!!! 

I'm grateful for my laptop Bella, she's so pretty and matches my room so well. 

My kindle, obviously!

I'm grateful for my car, love it! 

I'm grateful for my bedroom, it's looking so good since I moved it around and I love the feel of my room.

I'm grateful for my crystal, must post a picture of it!  found it in a field in Dorset and it's absolutely huge and just beautiful!  My gift from the universe.

I'm grateful that I have plenty of food to eat.

I'm grateful that I have heating, water, gas to cook etc.

I'm grateful that my body works so well.

I'm grateful to know what I know! 

I could go on and on, but I'll leave it there!


Night all,


Jensine x

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Comment by Jensine on February 1, 2012 at 2:14am

Ahh thank you, I did!:-)

Comment by Sara Brown on January 31, 2012 at 11:49pm

Sleep well!!

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