The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had a GREAT date last night with a wonderful man who is super sweet and kind and funny and smart and we have a lot in common, oh yeah....and thoughtful and was a really fun night.  i am blessed with divine friendships, awesome people in my life, fab opputunities to learn and grow and become a more enlightend person to the ins and outs of this divine universe carnial that we get to live in and experince. i experince so mant beautiful molments i am greatly blessed and so thankfull for it all.........i have WONDERFUL friends, and i am so thankful for my great lean hot body that i have to work out, run, stretch grow, become more and more refined, i love tenis and running and yoga and stretching and soccer i love to do all these things!! i love to spend time meditating and focusing on what i am moving twords, all the money that is here for me to enjoy and spend to be creative and share its all here now and i am soooooooooo blessed. thank you thank you thank you thank you universe for allowing me to be here and create the life for me that is inside, and allowing me to bring it to the outside!!

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