The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Almost hump day!!

once that is out of the way it is the weekend once again for all of us to celebrate!

Today was a boring day, just work and sleep, had pizza for dinner.

The agonizing wait for my tax to come back!!

also would like to mention, in the coming weeks a huge night for me and my friends will be the 2010 Federal Election!, yes you guys in USA have until 2012 to make a vote for your next president or to keep Obama, but for us we are voting to either elect our first female prime minister or allow the religious freak to come walking in to office.

Now i am sure this made international news but a few weeks ago our then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was ousted from power by his party and Julia Gillard became our first female prime minister while KRudd became the first PM to be taken out of office during his first we must vote to either keep her in power or tony abbott.....

now as this is the 2nd election we get to vote on but one we sort of care about now, we are throwing our first election party, and already have the posters being sent to us by each party as decoration, can't wait for this!!!

should be a great night!! but that isnt until the 21st August :(

anyway enough of that! i tend to ramble on about anything these days to make sure i get something written up on this blog....and i guess that is the point of all this!! but until tomorrow, i might have something interesting to write up!

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