The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am not doing a video blog tonight because I left my laptop with the wireless in the studio. And I plan to leave it there while I am in full working mode, so I guess I'll have to do mid-day videos instead!

Usually I don't like the holidays, but this year I feel like I have mucho mucho to be excited about! This weekend will be the craft show, and then I am hosting a holiday get-together with my family. This is an absolute FIRST for me with this particular group of people. I feel like a grown-up! Wow, at 38. Is that how old I really am? Goodness.

After all the prep and excitement of this week, I will be happy to chill out next week and attend some holiday parties. Again, usually, I feel like I don't get invites to any, but this year being in nyc, there are so many I could just go to! It's really good to see how my former way of thinking has been and how it's starting to change.

I realize that I've carried around this "new girl" persona with me for most of my life. When I was young, we tended to move around a bit, so I was often the new girl. I felt shy and often kept to myself. I STILL move around a lot-- we could analyze this-- but, I keep doing the new girl act. She feels left out, alone, sad, unpopular, and separate. So when the holidays come, I usually adopt this. Ok, it's true. I do feel better now that I have been here for a year, but I recognize that I still want to use it.

An affirmation for this is- Making new friends is easy! I have a wonderful community of family and friends who support and love me. I am surrounded by loving people. I am always being given opportunities to make new friends and play with them! I am social butterfly and loved by many.

Whew. There.

Ok, enough blogging. I really have so much to be thankful for. It's endless. But this entry DOES have an end.

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