The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I know at 100% that our thoughts are creating our reality.

I have to get out of the idea that I have to pass exams to be allowed to go further... You know, that is finally understood !

I don't need the authorization of anyone to do what I want to do. I give me the permission.

I discovered one of my limitative thought which was a self-protection, once again. I came here to understand it : WE ARE FREE !

I am free to act, I've been free to be a coward... And that's OK !

I know that we have a path far beyond this actual life.

I understood it so well, that it's really impossible for me to be judmental anymore. Here, it's our playground. It's not our complete reality. I had this sensation to understand better than the others trapped in their doubts, in their unconscious lives... I thought I was better than them...  My ego... It was so untrue. I was like everyone struggling to find the light...And most of all, I didn't know what their souls were experiencing... 

Now, I bring my real me, little by little, here on Earth and I have consciously decided to let go all this false ideas  on the others and take care of my thoughts. My power is here !

So, now, I am ready to be ME, for that I am supported. I'm not alone. I have my angels with me. I have been comunicating with them for years. And now, I'm not afraid anymore... I can tell it... Of course, Abraham helped me so much to accept to open widely the door...

I don't know if we are creating a better world... Because I really understand that we have to live contrasts. It can't be perfect for everyone... We have to fight a little bit with our emotions to be creative...

All we have to accept is that the peace to found is inside of us, not outside !

Happy day to you !


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