The 100 Day Reality Challenge

[ Draft ] I just lost this original I'm going to make this a quick one. This week has been good. The Universe brough me a lot of fun, and some good customers too.
Jazzpurr, my number one son cat, has caught Fatty's Cold...Please purr for him. I'm trying to take it in stride. Hopely Jazz will sleep his cold off, and appreciate the extra tuna i throw his way. Fatty is already on the road to recovery, so lets purr he stays the path.

As for work, The Universe has been full of synchronicity. I've been running in to all sorts of people who have made it clear.

My transfer will happen, when The Universe answers.

For now I'm staying in my store. I'm lining up the energy and doing a bit of pre-paving.
In the mean time, my numbers are improving. I've also had more time to spend on my photography. My boyfriend came over and set up my camera and dvd player. Now, if only my HP would recognize my 2R850 Canon DVD Mini- Camcorder.

It did, a while back. I need to be able to summon that kind of energy. The kind that lets me plug in the cord in the right firewire thingymagingy...which i can do...even if I don't know the names. Either that, or The Universe can send me a computer geek. I don't care...and a camera man (cute) and whatever else it thinks I need!

Do not let me have a melt down over this! My hair needs to be done, before I face the camera, for another video.
So tonight, I'm going to edit my photos, think about paying a few bills, and read a few blogs and maybe see if the camera is ready to roll.

I also know, that The Universe will send me a better camera and mini cam any day now!

Okay...Rock Steady...Rock On


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