The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 91 S1 found this incredibly inspiring illustration... from who is it?

Day 91 S1

Does anyone know who made this illustration? I'd love to thank that person :-)

I love it so so much.. it speaks right to the heart of me <3

This  challenge's journey about art's power brought me too paths I didn't think I would be digging when I started this challenge.

I've been cleaning many aspects of my life holding strings that tie my art up.

Lately, life gave me a slap and I got pushed towards dropping old toxic friendships...which makes me as sad as someone's loss at first but it is for the best because obviously I was not happy.

While keeping the wrong direction, I felt drained, sad, emptied.  I took my decision and made my move towards inner freedom... the call of "letting go".

Then this beautiful picture crossed my way on FB on someone's news feed. And I love it! This is me right now.

The power of drawings is amazing. Just by looking at this I felt understood, supported, loved, and not so lonely anymore. (Yes the fear of loneliness crosses your mind when you decide to turn pages and to close friendships' books) I'm now hopping with this carrossel's horses towards new horizons, new friends, new adventures. How could this get any better? It feels so right.

Let's hop off the mary-goes-around of a dull wrong way of life.

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Comment by Mily So Cavaco on September 12, 2015 at 8:23am

Thank you FreeAislin,

Have a great week-end!

Comment by FreeAislin on September 12, 2015 at 1:02am

Yeah, so true, letting go is important, the key to happiness...I know this picture. I´ve seen it before with other pictures of this amazing artist. I searched but I couldn´t find it. Maybe I will get the answer soon. :-)

Have a wonderful day

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