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I am thrilled to be

WOW...that is SUCH a beautiful thing to say...and mean.  Happy sigh.  I have to confess, being content with oneself is a feeling like no other.  I mean, when looking back on who I was, how I was, WHERE I was...mentally, spiritually, there was little happiness there.....or maybe, there was some happiness...but no joy...if that makes sense. 

I feel the peace in this blessing...and love it.

Having said that, the time has come to once again, push myself outside of the comfort zone, and trust in all that has been taught, or has been learned and reach again for what some may say is impossible...but inside of me, there is the belief/knowledge, that nothing is impossible.

As I end this Season, and begin to think of what I wish to accomplish in the next, I will strive to maintain pure gratefulness for ALL that IS.

Thank you Co-Creators for crossing this space, this page, this site, this life.  Thank you for sharing and caring and loving so fully.  You are a blessing.

Hugglies filled with much love and joy!!!


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