The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wouldn't it be nice if...
...I had a recurring character on a new t.v. show
...I went into every audition being my best self
...I didn't judge myself (another way to word that which feels good to you in a positive fashion???  ...I felt great about every one of my performances...something like that?)
...I wrote a screen play
...I had unlimited sources of income
...I had so many opportunities for work that I couldn't fit them all in!
...If Anna and I started a spiritual poetic singing duo

...if I learned to play Spanish guitar

...if I lost 20lb

...if I supported myself only through the arts

...if I fell in love with my soulmate be in love

What do I desire and why?
I desire a recurring character role on a new t.v. show
...because it's fun to act, to go to work and to get paid
...because I'd love to get more experience on the set
....because I enjoy being part of a unit or family
...because I'd have some acknowledgement that I've done well
...because when people ask what I'm doing I'd have something specific
...because I'd love to work with other actors on a regular basis
...because it would be an amazing day job!
I desire going into every audition being my best self
...because the auditions would be fun and allow me to show the "what I got"
...because I would be showing my best work and I am the only ME that exists. That is what they want.
...because people like hanging out with me and I'd love to have that type of relationship with my casting director
...because I'd allow myself to shine
...because it would feel light and fantastic!

 I feel great about every one of my performances

...I desire for my family to be proud of me

...I desire to be proud of myself

I desire to write a screen play
...because I have a lot of fantastic stories to tell
...because I could create work for myself
...because I'd be learning a new trade
...because it's a positive thing to add to my repertoire
...because I'd like to create a movie and work with my talented friends
...because I know I can do it!
...because I feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement in doing it
...because it's fantastic and gratifying!

I desire unlimited sources of income
...because it would feel SO amazing!
...because I've worked hard and the money would allow me to help more
...because I have the gift of healing and could be of service to the world...for sure!

I desire to learn how to play the Spanish guitar

...because I love music and I feel I have a musical story to tell as well. There seems to be a lot of creative freedom with music.

I desire to start a musical poetic duo with Anna

...because it would great to commemorate something with Anna.

...because we are both so poetic and creative that I believe that people would really respond to our work

...because we do not have to be in the same city to get work done

I desire to lose 20lbs

...because it would allow casting directors to really see me and my talent

...because I would look fantastic in everything I wore

...because I would feel healthier

I desire to support myself only through the arts

...because we are here on earth to be happy and being creative makes me very happy.

...because I could put all my energy into good things

...because I would feel accomplished

I desire to fall in love with my soulmate

..because I desire to share my dreams and desires with someone who loves and cares for me

...because I desire being able to give and receive love

...because it is time for me to be in a loving relationship

...because I desire t support and nurture someone else dreams and aspirations

After taking some time to look over some of my goals that these are the seeds I need to water to help my ultimate dreams come true. (They are top secret)

My favourite image of the week. "The oak tree lives inside the acorn" I feel as though that is such a beautiful image. It show to me limitless possibilities.

I also heard that a friend of mine has been cast on a new Eckhart Tolle film. I really really really would love to be a part of this project. Universe? Angels? How can I make this happen?

I feel as though it is necessary for me to become a LOA Coach also. I am putting that into action right now.

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