The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well thankfully the drama in my life has evend out... I feel now I have the tools I need to move forward with out dragging any of my own  weight with me. Today I realized while listening to Abraham hicks that all the vortex stuff is not just projects and ideas I go jumping to...its the relationship with myself and accepting and loving myself if I want the outside world to reflect that love back to me. Today I started working in a new book and I feel like I really on to something. I will keep you posted. Next season I want to focus more on weight loss. So, I know the season is not quite over but I would like to review that I now have enough in savings that I can quit my job and go stay at my grandparents cabin and write for while. I can work on creative stuff and reflect on what the last 5 years in the medical field has taught me and choose how to move forward. I am ready to soon apply for the PHD program for traditional Chinese medicine school.! gotta go write more later!!! 

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