The 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 96 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge

Signs of Progress and Signs of the Future all around me. A beautiful, warm, breezy, tropical-feeling day, partly overcast, partly sunny. An ideal day, weather-wise. I enjoyed it at Blue Bell Park with pit bull boyfriend. I'm feeling so Abundant right now. I found a $4,000 check from my Mom, for "home improvements", in my mail box today! My father co-signed with me on this house, so when I sell it, we'll split the profits. I bought this house "as is" in the ghetto in 2003. Now it is greatly improved (with more improvements to come!) and the neighborhood is up-and-coming. The neighborhood is in transition (becoming re-gentrified, really), so it is incredibly diverse and I love it! I think my Wellness Center will THRIVE in this neighborhood. And I am 10 minutes outside of Center City, so I have a short commute to most of my singing gigs. I just love Germantown so much :) Anyway, improvements are ALREADY happening... the squirrels are disappearing!! :)) The trapper has been coming every day and removing 2 or 3 squirrels at a time. 

I had to sing an Evensong at the Basilica of Ss Peter and Paul this afternoon. Another last-minute gig I am grateful for. Grateful for Mom & Dad and their generosity, yellow squash from their garden in CT that I cooked the last of tonight :), Poppy, the Abundance of the Universe, and warm autumn days.

Tomorrow I have a day off, however, there is a lot of stuff I MUST do tomorrow. So I'm going to make a list tonight of everything I need to get done, so that they can flow smoothly tomorrow. To that end, my Intention for tomorrow is to go through the day gracefully, at ease, with patience, kindness, good humor, and calmness. I will judge nothing that occurs.  

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