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I am procastinating a little bit right now but not because I am scared or anything - it's just that I have no ideas anymore in my head! so I was reading a bit poems here on the net about Rod McKuen which I got from my friend on ccor and some others I googled ;) like this one about maths ;))

EMOTIONS LINK to the poem:

When you cry upon a pillow
Or tears fall down a cheek
It's just emotions overflowing
Not a sign of being weak

We show emotions in different ways
We can often lose control
We cry of memories cherished
The ones in my heart and soul

So when I cry I'm not ashamed
It's not a thing I try to hide
Teardrops flow when I feel pain
Why keep it bottled inside

LOVE IS LIKE A CAT LINK to the poem:

Love is like a cat
Sitting on its paws.
You may pet it all you like;
It lives by its own laws.

It comes and goes as it decides
No matter what you say.
It seems the more you want it near,
The more it goes away.

And then when you are quite content
To sit out in the sun
Alone wiht just your thoughts and reams,
Not needing anyone,

It it comes, as if in fear
That somehow you'll forget,
And jups up purring in your lap,
Damanding to be pet.


When he came to our station,
so brash and full of fun;
He came to be a fireman,
this lad of twenty one.

His face was full and friendly,
his heart was brave and true;
He was a worthy member
of our trusty fire crew.

He loved to fight the fire,
he yearned to man the hose.
This was his heart’s desire,
this the life he chose.

He didn’t work for money,
the pay was far too poor;
His joy came from the people,
he saved from Fire’s maw.

And then one fateful evening,
we heard the shrilling bell
That sent us on the fire call,
that took us close to Hell.

We went to do our duty,
without a doubt or fear,
Not knowing that this call-out
would leave us with a tear.

The house had seen it’s good times,
it stood four storeys high
But now it’s days were numbered,
it’s glories long gone by.

There was no need to hurry,
no urgency, no haste;
This house was old and derelict,
consigned to be laid waste.

We jumped aboard our platform,
began to raise it high,
Till we were up above the roof,
framed in the evening sky.

He leaned across the guard rail,
began to ventilate,
Coaxed with axe and ceiling hook,
dislodging stubborn slate.

Till arrogant, impatient,
and full of reckless youth,
He left the platform’s safety
and stepped upon the roof.

The joists were old and weakened,
this house had had it’s day,
But without the slightest warning,
the entire roof gave way.

A thousand slates went crashing,
down to the basement floor;
Down a well of fearsome flames,
some sixty feet or more.

His eyes were wide in deep surprise,
his mouth a rounded “O”
His arms were opened to embrace
the waiting fires below.

He’d trained to do his duty
and he had passed his test
He entered into manhood,
the bravest and the best.

We took him to the Chapel,
whispered once more his name.
And then with love and dignity,
returned him to the flame.

Thus we restored his honour,
and now we know full well
That when we ride out to fires,
he is answering the bell

A CHILDS PRAYER about Sept 11 I like the construction, it's a prayer but still rhyming and they stirr lots of emotions.

so hope you liked it, sorry that some of those poems were sad but I still liked them and wanted to share some of those with you. To read more just click on one of those links where I provided the source ;)

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