The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I feel as if I have come to such an important realization for myself; trust my intuitive 100%.
The more I mediate, the more my vibrational energies rise and the more my intuition grows with it. And you know what? My intuition feels so right.
I had a reading today by a lovely person. In all honestly, everything made sense and there really were no big surprises. If anything, I feel as if it validated what I was collecting from my inner self (if that makes any sense.) For instance, last night I mediated and I ask my guides to give me a name of one of my spiritual guides (I have three.) For some reason, the name Rose came to me in my mediation. At my reading today, I asked what my guides names were and she said one is an "R' name and I immediately said "It's Rose."
Another thing is I am really wanting to take charge in my life and start a new journey. I mentioned the two possible paths and the one that I thought was to be a clear sign, my reader said my guides had showed a spotlight on it. Also, she mentioned I should try to figure out a way to finance my decision. Well, I believe the answer came to me tonight from the dear friend. Hence the perfect timing for my decision. Had I decided to go through with this last year, I would disqualify. I believe I can qualify. I know I qualify because it always works out smoothly for me.
Honestly, I feel so energized about my decision. I feel as if this season has led me to my path and that the timing feels so right and perfect. I have every intention to make this happen. I NEED it to happen. I WANT it to happen. I HAVE it!

"I envision more and act less."
As you take time to find images in your mind that are pleasing, you will more often achieve vibrational alignment with all things that you desire.
From that alignment, you will experience more inspired ideas and assistance from others.
Inspired action is very satisfying and extremely productive.

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Comment by crystalspirit on April 30, 2009 at 3:29pm
YES it will happen, lovely Jess!!!!! Your energy is soooo powerful (& contagious) Feeling good about it brings you all that's needed WOW, such a beautiful reading and meditation!!

Hugs Mascha

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