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The thing I love most about these challenges is that the deeper and deeper you go, the closer it takes you to the Heart Core.I've been "Living from the Heart" in my daily living and I know I'm on the right path. I have been devotedly nurturing my mind and my body, but there is an aspect of all of this that I've been ignoring and I think it's perhaps because I couldn't quite admit that I was feeling a certain way about certain things.

I have to give Teal Swan the credit for sort of drawing my attention and energy towards this aspect of myself. In her video about "Find Your Negative Imprint, Find Your Life Purpose" she directs you to take steps to discover your Negative Imprint and I discovered mine was "Unlovable."

And, now that I'm aware of this, I catch myself making up stories about why someone doesn't deserve my unconditional love or why I don't deserve their unconditional love or other nonsense. Next time these stories pop up in my head, I will say, "I cherish others unconditionally." :)

I had an amazing day yesterday "out in the PA country" visiting with a dear friend, who read my tarot cards and blew me away with his reading. I really think it would be amazing to work with him in the context of my home studio, because he does chakra tarot readings and is also a massage therapist. His reading basically reinforced my idea that the theme of my Autumn 2015 COR Challenge will be "Cherishing Others." I need to invest my energy into cultivating close relationships with people. Instead of telling myself stories over and over again about wanting my distance from people, it's time that I invest my time into cherishing people for who they are :) Not who I would fix them to be.

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Comment by Heather Marie on August 25, 2015 at 2:16am

This post makes me happier! I will check out the video! Hope you come back for another season! loves Heather

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