The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today has been working pretty good for me. I'm so happy that I have tomorrow off. And work wasn't bad tonight either which made today an all around good day.

I've had my nose in Ask and it is Given by Jerry & Ester Hicks. Wow that book is amazing. I'm a decently fast reader but I feel I re-read a lot of the sections a few times just to digest the information. But I've had the book for a little over 24 hours and I carry it from room to room with me like a child with a blanket. I find it quite comical.

Also today I started working on a vision book. I didn't want to do a bored and a video although it's good for the part where I'm making it I'm not too big on watching the darn thing other then to see what it looks like when I first finish it. So I'm trying the notebook idea. But my goodness the thing is like a monster it's starting to morph into so many different things I want to put A BILLION things in there. So we shall see what else (or other areas) it seems to grab a hold of. I'll make a video when I'm all done with it to show it off. But I have a feeling I'll be up an hour or so longer tonight just to mess with it some more.

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Comment by Natalie on April 28, 2010 at 10:32am
Thanks Juan! Yeah I'm really trying to make my 100 days good ones and really focusing on my goals and letting nothing detract from them.

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